Ushabti re-visits St Catherine’s Island

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Last week an Ancient Egyptian ushabti from the museum’s collection made its first visit back to ST Catherine’s Island where it had been found in the 1860s during the digging of the fort’s foundations.  An ushabti is a funerary figurine which would have been placed in a tomb,  Hundreds of such objects were placed in the tombs of kings and officials to provide them with attendants and servants in the afterlife.   The figure is no more than 6.35 cm (2.5 inches) in height, made of a whitish clay and green-glazed.

Island manager John Loring had approached the museum with the possibility of bringing the time back onto the island and museum Curator Mark Lewis agreed.

Other items found during the building of the fort included several coins (including three Roman pieces) and various bones.

Museum Curator Mark Lewis (Left) with John Loring (centre)

The ushabti

Tenby Museum from St Catherine’s Island