The Shed Project at Tenby Museum

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 On 1st January 2013, art teacher and illustrator Lee John Phillips set himself the task to produce a drawing a day in the same sketchbook for an entire year. With discipline and diligence he continued this practise and tools became the focus of his studies that September. During a 6th Form drawing exercise, Lee realised the potential of his late Grandfather’s Shed as a creative resource. His plan was to produce another drawing-a-day book in 2014 with each entry being an item from that space.
Lee made a decision that every item of his Grandfather’s would be given equal importance regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant. He made himself some rules:
 1) if the item can be picked up and doesn’t crumble if rubbed – draw it
 2) if the packet/container is/has been opened, empty it, draw items, replace them, draw container full
 3) if the packet/container has not been opened, it will not be opened and will be drawn as found
 4) if there are multiples of the same items, draw them all
The Shed Project as it exists today started in March 2014. Lee estimates there to be over 100,000 items in total. He initially thought it would take him three years. Then five. Then seven. Now he has removed any idea of timeframe all together. To date he has illustrated over 6,500 items and it currently working through his second sketchbook volume. The Shed Project has received financial support from the Arts Council of Wales.
The exhibition continues until Saturday 11th November 2017.