The Recorde project

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“In the wake of recent developments in the ongoing celebration of the life and work of Robert Recorde (1512? – 1558) I attach a resume of the publications that have seen the light of day since the WALMATO/BSHM conference in 2008.  The recent book by Gordon Roberts, Robert Recorde: Tudor Scholar and Mathematician (Cardiff, 2016) provides an excellent start to the University of Wales Press’s series, Scientists of Wales (  Do let me know if you spot anything that is missing from the list.

“Gordon Roberts is now updating the entry for Recorde in the Dictionary of Welsh Biography and there is much scope for updating the information currently on Wikipedia ( as well as the entry in the Mactutor Archive (

“Gordon is also writing an article on Recorde for the BBC History Magazine.  If you have any comments or suggestions or further information you wish to share, I would be delighted to hear from you.”

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