The Painted Word officially opens

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Last Friday (27 April) saw the opening of the new exhibition by artist Alec Lewis at Tenby Museum and Art Gallery.

Alec’s show, The Painted Word features over forty works, which portray his interest in the written word, in music, poetry, myth and legend.

The exhibition was officially opened by Alyson Saint, a friend and former work colleague of Alec’s, who know works as a specialist youth counsellor. In her opening speech Alyson said, “It is my great honour to have been invited to open this wonderful exhibition for my exceptionally talented, debonair and dear friend Alec Lewis. We met in Dubai, where Alec was Artistic Director at a successful advertising company and I had the privilege of working as his copywriter.   Since returning to his Welsh roots, it is Tenby and west Wales views and vibes that have inspired Alec’s unique and very personal connection with the forces of natures that are the land and seascapes in this part of the world, melding them with cultural touchstones that have always been part of his life.   His passion for capturing them through painting and drawing is an intrinsic part of his life. You will also see how writer’s featured in this exhibition have influenced Alec’s life.   Notably his discovery of William Blake’s paintings – and then his poetry. And of course, to being at the beginning, Dylan Thomas has been an influence rom an early age, and not just his love of a good party! Alec revels in and is inspired by consistently discovering something new in Dylan’s writings. Music has always been part of Alec’s life and here in the exhibition we have all his heroes. Lennon, Bowie, Hendrix, Dylan and of course the master of the written word – Leonard Cohen. We also have the two big visual icons of the 20th century – Marilyn Monroe and Elvis – both tortured souls and both still iconic today. Alec is also concerned about the environment and has long worked with the image of the Green Man, the perennial symbol of our unity with the natural world, and growing awareness of the need for balance between us and the environment. So Alec, on behalf of all of us here to celebrate your work today, your family, friends, fellow artist and patrons, congratulations on this fantastic cohort of work, and I declare The Painted Word by Alec Lewis, open!”

This sales exhibition runs until Sunday 10 June.

Alyson Saint and Alec Lewis at the official opening of The Painted Word (pic John Ross)