The Leaves of Books (or The Books of Leaves)

Posted by Tenby Museum on Dec 4, 2015 Blog, News No Comments

Over the past few months, four of our dedicated and hugely knowledgable volunteers have been undertaking stalwart work on the re-cataloguing and documenting of the museum’s substantial herbarium collection.

The collection was put together by Frederick Walker (1815 – 1899). Walker, who lived in Tenby, was a Fellow of the Royal Microscopical Society founded in Oxford in 1839. His interests lay especially in the plants of Pembrokeshire and this is reflected in this impressive herbarium collection. His accounts on the subject of Pembrokeshire botany were published in Mason’s Guide Book to Tenby and the Neighbourhood and appeared regularly throughout the 1870s and 1880s. Walker was also one of the group who were instrumental in setting up Tenby Local Museum (now Tenby Museum & Art Gallery) back in 1878.

I am informed by the volunteers that there are one or two extremely rare specimens within the collection and so its interest goes beyond the aesthetic and reveals it to be of large scientific importance.

In  2016 Tenby Museum will be the venue for three weeks for the Linking Natural Science Collections in Wales exhibition as organised by the Welsh Museums Federation which will feature interesting collections of natural science from several museums around Wales.