tenby_remembersCommemorating the First World War

To mark the centenary of the First World War Tenby Museum & Art Gallery has undertaken a project researching the names of individuals from or connected with Tenby who served in the War. The project focused on a document called ‘The Tenby Roll of Honour’ compiled and published in January 1916 by the Rector of Tenby the Rev. Bickerton Edwards. This document records the names of over 550 individuals who volunteered to serve in the First World War.

Each individual name recorded in the document was researched by the team headed by Leslie Crawley. Researchers included Thelma Mort, Kevin Thomas, Tudor Thomas and Neil Westerman.

The three main outcomes from the project are:

  1. A Book entitled ‘Tenby Remembers’ to be published in November 2015. The book contains biographical sketches of over 350 Tenby volunteers along with letters written home by (or about) Tenby servicemen and three personal accounts of the war written by three servicemen from Tenby. Also included will be the most comprehensive listing of people from Tenby who served in the armed forces during the First World War (over 850 individuals). Chapters on Women in War (Mark Lewis), Tenby War Memorial (John H. T. Griffiths) and Peace Day celebrations are also featured.

  2. A Museum Exhibition commemorating the First World War to be opened in January 2016. The exhibition will focus on local happenings during the war which will then be put into a larger historical context and will include, amlngst others, sections on rationing, recruitment, land girls, munitions, life at the front and the dstained glass memorial window in St. Mary’s Church, Tenby designed by Karl Parsons.

  3. A schools pack distributed free of charge to local schools in Tenby and the surrounding area.

The ‘Tenby Remembers’ project has been made possible by the financial support of the Heritage Lottery Fund ‘First World War: then and now’ programme.