Tenby ‘Kids in Museums’ Take over day

Posted by Tenby Museum on Nov 23, 2018 Blog, Event Archive, News No Comments

On Friday 23 November, children and young people will be taking over museums and heritage sites across the country, from Tyneside to Torquay.

One of the new Volunteers at Tenby museum & Art Gallery is Tia. She is a local College student from Pembrokeshire College, who has given her time and putting the knowledge of her Tech savvy generation to good use. Tenby Museums Social media platforms have been taken over for the day and they have joined in the conversation by using the hashtag #TakeoverDay.

Last year the Kids in museums organisation trended on twitter, this year Tenby’s museum are on board and they want to take a chance to learn from the younger community around them. Tia is one of the many students that Tenby’s museum invites to use their resources.

The take over day was a success and it has given a great insight into what technology her age group uses frequently.

There are lots of exciting Events being planned for 2019 and with the help of pupils in the local area like Tia the Museum will continue to successfully create fun activities to spread the word about Tenby’s historical town.