Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty: Tenby and World War One is now open

Posted by Tenby Museum on Mar 22, 2016 Blog No Comments

The new exhibition, the first to be housed in the newly refurbished gallery at the museum, is Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty: Tenby and World War One.

The exhibition features bilingual interpretive panels with snippets taken from the Tenby Observer newspapers of the time and these have been placed into a wider historical context.  There are, amongst others, panels on recruiting, volunteers, women in the war, agriculture, life in the trenches, Armistice, returned men, black out regulations, tanks, football and the Lusitania.

There are genuine and reproduction artefacts on display, many of which have been borrowed from the Tin Shed Experience in Laugharne.  Artefacts on show include German and British rifles, barbed wire and cutters, caltrops, a silent picket, helmets, a flimsy, shrapnel, Queen Mary Christmas boxes, postcards and other paper ephemera, letters from the front, medals, silk embroidered postcards and commemorative ceramics.

There is also a small display provided by students from Ysgol Greenhill School’s History Department where they look at the cause and effects of the war and their personal reactions to it.

panel 3  Kings Shropshire Light Infantry 1915 1916 after Sunday morning Church Parade see note copied copy