Stuffed, Pickled and Pinned delivered today

Posted by Tenby Museum on May 4, 2016 Blog No Comments

The Linking Collections Touring Exhibition, Stuffed, Pickled and Pinned, was delivered to the museum today.  This is a wide selection of natural history specimens from museums all over Wales and includes such objects as a mummified cat, a platypus, a ‘double prep’ rabbit (half prepared as a normal taxidermy specimen, half just showing the skeletons), a whalebone sculpture, the preserved skin of an adder, a delicate and beautifully painted feather, a Colorado potato beetle and bezoar (a ball of matter which a cow has been unable to digest).

These 50 wonders of nature from Welsh museums will be on display shortly at the museum before setting off on tour once again in early June to Carmarthenshire County Museum.  Several museums across Wales have been involved in this fascinating project aimed to bring to a wider audience the incredible collections of natural sciences in Welsh museums and Tenby is once again proud to be a part of this Welsh Federation of Museums/National Museums Wales project.