Spectacular opening for the Nicky Wire art exhibition

Posted by Tenby Museum on Sep 15, 2018 Blog No Comments

Last night at Tenby Museum, resistance was futile. The new exhibition by Manic Street Preacher lyricist and bass player Nicky Wire opened to an awestruck crowd.  The exhibition is the first ever solo art show by Nicky and features over thirty of his art works that incorporates his beloved Polaroid pictures, paint, the written word and a plethora of mixed media materials. In his art he explores many of his influences and inspirations, ranging from musicians, photographers, artists and writers.    As curator Mark Lewis, who organised the exhibition, said in his opening speech, the exhibition is “the eloquence of the written lyric represented in visual form.”

Manic’s leader singer James Dean Bradfield offered his support to his fellow band member by performing two acoustic MSP songs, If You Tolerate This (Then Your Children Will Be Next) and International Blue, to a full house and rapturous applause.  The art sold fast and if you are interested there are only seven of the thirty four works still available for purchase at the time of writing.

The exhibition runs until 21st October and is well-worth a visit.

Nicky lated posted on Instagram, “thanks for everyone’s help at Tenby Museum today, much appreciated especially JDB xxx much love Nicky Wire xx”.

Nicky having a quiet moment prior to the opening of his first ever art show at Tenby Museum

James Dean Bradfield performing at Nicky’s opening

Nicky Wire with museum curator Mark Lewis