Share Your Memories

Posted by Tenby Museum on Mar 23, 2020 Blog No Comments

Calling anyone who lives in the Tenby area, of any age, or has moved away but has a wonderful memory of time spent at Tenby.  We here at the museum, in this time for reflection, are always interested in stories about Tenby that we can add to our archive.This truly is a time for sharing.

One of our in the pipeline projects before the close down was a collection of oral histories.  As this face to face contact has currently become impossible, we are still interested in collecting and your stories would add a wonderful dimension to the ‘historical facts’ that are often collated by museums.

Perhaps you were schooled here and have stories from your youth, perhaps you were stationed here, ran an organisation, met someone famous, have photos of ‘how it used to be’, found your relatives notebook that talked of the town.

We truly would love to hear your stories so why not put pen to paper (or in this case finger to keyboard) and email over to us those reminiscences.  Our email is: