Public Art at Tenby Museum

Posted by Tenby Museum on Aug 2, 2016 Blog No Comments

Artist Ceri Pritchard, whose exhibition The Strange Edge of Reality: Paintings 2012 – 2016 is being officially opened at the museum on Saturday 6 August, has recently undertaken the first of a short series of public art works on the museum’s outside stores.  Last year artist and sculptor Robert Raschke aka Rob-Art, donated a stunning piece of sculpture to the museum which now stands on the wall outside.

The doors of the stores had gone rotten and so Ceri replaced them before we asked him to decorate them with art works.  The result is a highly visual and imaginative piece that makes the walls of the store standout.  Another piece of art is planned for the museum’s back door and this will certainly emerge after the opening of the exhibition (and once the weather has cleared up!).  Every aspect of the museum is worth a visit, even the outside stores!!!