Leekie Porridge in Tenby gaol

Dressing up as a pirate

Maritime & Piracy

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The sea has played an important role in the history of the town. The stairwell display Stories from the Sea traces various aspects of maritime history connected with the town. Here visitors can learn about the story of the lifeboat, from the first unnamed boat in 1852 through to the present new lifeboat, the Haydn Miller and its purpose built station. Also featured in the gallery are the story of HMS Tenby, the history of the the Caldey boat and the importance of fishing to Tenby's history. There is also a fine collection of bosun's calls, with the earliest dating from 1785.

Within the museum there is also a section on piracy, Beware! Pirates!. Towards the end of the 18th century John Paul Jones became the most notorious pirate in these waters. One of his officers, nicknamed ‘Leekie’ Porridge, came from Tenby and there is a display about this character as well as other pirates connected with the area. You can dress up as a pirate and undertake the pirate treasure quiz trails to test your piratical knowledge.