Interactive display for intrepid relic hunters

Neolithic axe of highly polished flint from at Hayscastle

Tenby ‘beetlestones’








Part of the Lydstep Pig display

Part of the Lydstep Pig display


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The gallery features specimens from early geological times (Precambrian) through to the Romano-British period (1st – 5th century AD). Artefacts of particular interest include selections from the Ridsdale geological collection, mammoth teeth found on Caldey Island, Palaeolithic finds from Hoyle’s Mouth (40,000 – 10,000 BC), Bronze Age burial urns and Roman finds from Trelissey.

There are also reproduction models of the Penally Cross (which dates from the 10th century) and the Caldey Ogham stone (which dates from the 6th century).

The gallery also houses the Tenby Gun, a nine foot long Tudor cannon. This 16th century wrought iron cannon is very similar to the ones found on Henry VIII's flagship, Mary Rose, and is the only one of its kind in Wales. The gun is in need of conservation work and the museum is currently looking towards funding for this large and important conservation project. If anyone knows of funding for such a project please do contact the museum.

For intrepid relic hunters of all ages there is the opportunity to dress up as an explorer and find the mysterious artefacts - but watch out for the whale sick!. There are hands on displays throughout this gallery with the opportunity to pick up recreated axes, jewellery and a Neolithic skull complete with tufts of hair!!!

The display on the Lydstep Pig has recently been added to this gallery. The Lydstep pig is a Mesolithic pig skeleton dating from 6,300 years ago, found two miles from Tenby. The pig skeleton is stored in the Natural History Museum and the display is based in images of the bones, a glass slide of the skeleton dating from 1917 (which forms the floor display pictured) and original documentation concerning this find. This display was funded by Tenby Town Council.

Support for this gallery was provided by CyMAL, the Friends of Tenby Museum and Art Gallery, Pembrokeshire Museum's Service and a bequest from Eric Bancroft.

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