Peter Rossiter – Meet The Artist Day

Posted by Tenby Museum on Jul 27, 2015 Blog, News No Comments

Artist Peter Rossiter is undertaking a Meet The Artist Day at the museum on Wednesday 5 August between 11am and 12.30pm.

Peter currently has work on show at the museum as part of the recent exhibition, Shape, Space and Colour alongside ceramic artists Mick Morgan and Paul Roche.

Peter says, “The starting point for these paintings is what I call ‘pure abstraction’.  I begin with no particular subject in mind, focusing on the marks I make on a board or canvas. These marks reflect the range of visual stimuli that are available in the real world: in nature one finds a balance between soft lines and hard lines, order and chaos, colour in contrast and colour harmonies, and wonderful, tonal combinations.  All these visual experiences, I imitate.

“The circle form provides a structure, it holds together disparate contrasting forces, and at the same time it suggests a view of the natural world as seen both on a microscopic and a macroscopic level.  Atoms, space, the ‘Star Walk’ app on my i-Pad, these are my inspirations.

“We are tuned to making meanings; we do it as automatically as breathing.  My work seems to give that part of the brain a bit of a rest…Try imagining what you would see if you cold look through your eyes with that meaning making machine switched off or at least turned down from a 10 to a 2.5.  This is what I am painting in my circle paintings and this is what I mean by abstract.”