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Tenby Museum and Art Gallery are very happy to be welcoming back Artist Olivia Argent. Her previous exhibitions have included “Knowing the dancer from the dance” and “Dancing into the spotlight”. Tenby Museum will be the first to see Olivia’s latest work which will feature a diverse selection showcasing 32 pieces of dance inspired canvases. With Olivia’s newest exhibition she takes you on a journey from the old to the new, sharing the 43 years spent in Penally, alongside her travels in-between, where her journey started in London.

After starting at the age of 2 with her passion for Ballet she spent much of her education in the Royal Ballet schools which also enabled her to pursue training in France. Narrative paintings with themes such as ‘Aide Memoire’ are infused with memories from other parts of her life and also bring in her experiences from Nrityagram Dance School, where Indian dance can be seen throughout the mixed media work. Inspiration also comes from landscapes and moonscapes around Tenby and its coastline with its quality of light that is so special.

The pieces themselves include creative techniques by line drawings featuring ink and large wall hangings on mulberry leaf paper and a selection of small oil paintings. The studies of dance feature a collaboration between landscape, portraiture and storytelling with Welsh Poetry with, unusually, the written word occurring in some of the pieces.

All but one of the pieces are for sale and you can visit the Gallery 7 days a week Monday-Friday from 10am-4.30pm to see the collection. The open evening commences on the 12th of April from 6:00-7.30pm and the collection will be available to view between the 13th of April until the 19th of May.