Nina Hamnett play ” a wonderful event”

Posted by Tenby Museum on Mar 22, 2018 Blog No Comments

Comments after the play based on the life of Tenby born artist Nina Hamnett, written by and performed at the museum(Sat. 17 March) by Vanessa Rosenthal were universally filled with praise.  Visitors were heard to say when they left how brilliant it was and how wonderful it was to be able to come and see such events on a Saturday afternoon. The play was set in a smoky Fitzrovia bar, with aged drunken Nina remembering the myriad events in her tumultuous, lusty, fiery, fun-filled but ultimately tragic life.  Vanessa truly captured both the moments of her life, ranging from the roaring joie de vivre of 1920s Paris to the seedy snugs of 1950s Soho and her performance was remarkable.  Thank must be extended to Vanessa and her partner Nigel who provided the atmospheric scene-setting sound effects; this was the only performance of this piece in the whole of Wales and we were fortunate enough to be able to stage it.

Such events show the museum as a community organisation and that museums have advanced beyond the preconceived notion of fusty showcases and a pince-nez wearing tweed clad curator shuffling around old bones.  There is contemporary relevance and value to these wonderful institutions filled with learning and wonder and fun and amazement and bustling creativity and events such as this prove that museums and what they have to offer should not be taken for granted.

Vanessa Rosenthal as Nina Hamnett