Nicky Wire donates work of art to Tenby Museum

Posted by Tenby Museum on Oct 25, 2018 Blog No Comments

Over the past few weeks Tenby Museum has been host to the first ever art show by Nicky Wire, the lyricist and bass player of the Manic Street Preachers.   Nicky showed over thirty of his contemporary and thought-provoking paintings and polaroid pieces which featured some of his inspirations and idols.

The exhibition was the most successful art show that the museum gallery has shown since it was first opened in 1995 and sold out within one week of opening. Nicky has now donated one of his works to the museum, a series of painted polaroid images of Tenby, which will soon be on show in the museum’s permanent art collection.

Curator Mark Lewis with Nicky Wire and the donated work of art

Curator Mark Lewis, who arranged the exhibition and worked with Nicky on the show said, “This has been an amazing success for us and we are all grateful to Nicky for choosing Tenby Museum as the location for his first art show. This donation shows his continued generosity and support for us. I am also grateful to all the fans of the Manics who have, over the past five weeks, shown us great support. It has been a real pleasure to host this exhibition and I am hoping to talk to Nicky about another show in the next couple of years.”