New Paintings by Aneurin Jones and Meirion Jones

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The new art exhibition at the museum is New Paintings by father and son artists Aneurin Jones and Meirion Jones.  Both are firmly established as leading figures in contemporary Welsh art and both present a strong Welsh identity in their work.

Aneurin says of his work, “The type of countrymen who have peopled my work for the last half century have become scarce. The physically strong, rural philosopher still exists, but is very much the exception in the rapidly changing rural community.

I was brought up in the hill farming area of The Black Mountains on the borders of the old counties of Brecon and Carmarthen, a physically demanding place where the divide between the ‘real’ world and the mythological world was ambiguous. The people I knew were eccentric individuals who weren’t very bothered by the clock, but who enjoyed storytelling, especially of the supernatural, and they were poets, they had wonderful singing voices, and had deep ancestral bonds with the red soil of that part of Wales.

As I paint the last of that generation, I simultaneously delve into personal memories, the past and present merge giving the paintings a dreamlike quality coming from a world which probably only exists in my imagination.”

Meirion says of the work on show, “The work in this exhibition was done during the last year or so. The starting points of the paintings are invariably something or someone glimpsed whilst travelling around the parts of West Wales which are familiar to me. There is just something about the field patterns, the play of light on the sea, the relation between two colours which sparks something that asks to be developed. It doesn’t matter whether it is the sea or the hills, figurative or not, just as long as there is a spark which ignites what Van Gogh called ‘the driving force’.

The initial response is then developed in the studio, sometimes to the point that the finished painting is radically different to how it started, but that is fine because the process works best when it is a fusion of the actual physical geography and one’s inner feelings towards that particular patch of land.

As time goes on, the details become irrelevant, and the emotion, and the instinctual joy of mark making create a particular freedom in the brushstrokes, ultimately leading to a bewilderment with the mystery of the creative process itself.”

This fabulous sales exhibition opens on 1 July and runs until Sunday 13 August.

Abercastle/Abercastell by Meirion Jones

Horse Sale/Sel geffylau by Aneurin Jones