National Smile Month

Posted by Tenby Museum on Jun 1, 2018 Blog No Comments

As part of National Smile Month, Tenby Museum is celebrating the UK’s largest oral health campaign with a selection of dentistry tools that were gifted to us in 2008.

These instruments of medicine (or torture for all you odontophobics out there) were used by Tenby dentist Tom Brazier, who practiced in Warren Street from 1900. The instruments include a tooth mould, a teeth scraper, a mirror and one pair of seriously mean-looking pliers.

The first book written in English on dentistry was The Operator for the Teeth by Charles Allen, published in 1685. In 1764 the first lecture on teeth was given at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh by James Rae and in 1780 William Addis manufactured the first modern toothbrush. In 1846 the first tooth extraction under ether was carried out in the UK by James Robinson. In 1858 the Dental Hospital of London, the first clinical training establishment for dentists opened in Britain. 1958 saw the first marketing in Britain of fluoride toothpaste. In 1977 the Smile 77 project was launched in Britain and Pam Ayres wrote her poem I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth. In 1979 the first National Smile Week was held.

Tenby Museum has some fascinating medical instruments in its collection, not just dental but also surgical and veterinarian! Many would bring tears to the eyes.

So my advice is Keep Brushing but don’t forget to ask yourself, Is it safe? I leave that one for you to decide. Happy flossing folks!