Museum’s services to the community recognised by Tenby Mayor

Posted by Tenby Museum on Apr 22, 2016 Blog No Comments

At the Mayor’s reception on Tuesday 19 April, the Mayor, Councillor Paul Rapi, presented the museum with a certificate which stated, “As 626th Mayor of the town of Tenby, may I, on behalf of the town council and the people of Tenby, extend my heartfelt congratulations to Tenby Museum for services to the community of Tenby during my year in office.”

At the reception Cllr Rapi was full of praise for the museum, and encouraged people to visit.  Cllr Rapi had been of great support to the museum during his year in post, attending numerous art gallery openings and other events held by the museum and we are grateful to him for this.  We wish him well for the future.