#MuseumFromHome – Day 224

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Day 224 of our #MuseumFromHome project and today we look at Dr George Chater of Tudor House and the Chater Injunction. Chater served on the Town Council and was also active in the civic life of the town, supporting the work of the Church and being a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

In 1873 Chater fought against the Tenby Corporation’s proposal to improve the flow of traffic through the South Gate (Five Arches) by demolishing them. Chater called this an “act of Vandalism” and a “barbarous and illegal encroachment upon public rights.”

He secured an Injunction on 23 June 1873 to prevent the Corporation from demolishing them. A tablet on the Five Arches now celebrates this Order of Chancery and his victory over preserving this historic edifice.