#MuseumFromHome – day 220

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Day 220 of our #MuseumFromHome project and today we look at a glorious oil painting of Pembroke Castle by William Augustus Rixon (1858 – 1948). This is very basic précis of the history of this fascinating castle.

Pembroke Castle has a long and fascinating history- around 1093 Arnulf de Montgomery built the small inner bailey standing at the end of the promontory.

Only a few years later the castle withstood a long siege by the Welsh, although its defenders were near starvation.

Pembroke is also noteworthy as the only castle in Britain to be built over a natural cavern, a large cave known as the Wogan. There are some archaeological remains from the Wogan in Tenby Museum’s collection.

Historically, Pembroke is important not only for its architecture but for the fact the Harri Tudur, who became Henry VII and began the long line of Tudor monarchs, was born there in 1457, reputedly in the tower now known as the Henry VII Tower.