#MuseumFromHome – Day 217

Posted by Tenby Museum on Nov 9, 2020 Blog No Comments

Day 217 of our #MuseumFromHome project and today we look at an oil painting of The Green Bridge of Wales by Brendan S Plunkett.

The Green Bridge of Wales is a natural arch of carboniferous limestone on the southern Castlemartin peninsula.

Erosion has occurred over many years as the winds, pebbles and sand particles have battered the coastline and dissolved the limestone in the weakest parts where there are folds and faults. Erosion has formed caves, which extended further until they met, forming the arch that can be seen today.

The bridge is about 24m (80 ft) high with a span of more than 20m (60 ft). Its outer edge rests on a more durable rock pedestal.

The Green Bridge lost a considerable amount of rock damage during Storm Ophelia in 2017.