Museum to postpone reopening

Posted by Tenby Museum on Jul 24, 2020 Blog No Comments

As you are probably all aware, lockdown restrictions have recently been relaxed in Wales to allow more businesses to reopen with the necessary social distancing in place. This includes museums.

However reopening is a costly and complex business and not always economically viable for some places. Ensuring the necessary social distancing in galleries and public areas and with vulnerable staff and volunteers, many museums are holding back on reopening at the present time and will wait for when they can reopen safely and in a way that is financially viable.

Tenby Museum has therefore made the decision not to reopen in the immediate future and is looking towards 2021 before doing so.

Chairman of Trustees, Cllr Michael Williams said, ”Much work has been done in looking at potential ways that we could have reopened but none of them offer a viable and essentially safe environment on which we could do so.   The health and safety of our staff, volunteers and visitors is of primary importance to us and when we are able to reopen we want to be able to do so in a way that is welcoming, enjoyable and safe. Our building, although packed with interest, is physically quite small, with lots of nooks and corners that are difficult to negotiate under government guidelines and so for the time being we will continue to work remotely on projects that allow access to the museum collection, including social media posts and podcasts. We are also awaiting a replacement of our roof from PCC and so opening before that time would not be viable. We continue to very much look to the future, with new projects, which we are working on during this period of closure in order to make the experience even more enjoyable when we can reopen. We will of course keep everyone posted on progress.”