The shop sells a variety of goods ranging from postcards, unique gifts, books,  stylish greetings cards to prints and original art by local artists. The books range from publications on local histories, works by Dylan Thomas, books on archaeology and geology, local walks, art, including Augustus and Gwen John and Claudia Williams.  We also have texts by well known local writers such as Professor Tony Curtis.

There is also a large selection of greetings cards, always including several new lines featuring images of photographs, postcards and posters in the museum's archive collection.

A special area has gifts for the children, both for them and affordable from pocket money,  including items on piracy and natural sciences (stones, fossils etc).

The second hand book section always has new stock – feel free to come in and browse, especially if you're looking for holiday reading. No admission charge is made for looking around the shop.

Tenby Remembers Biographical sketches, letters, eye witness accounts and essays about people from Tenby who served in World War I, 200pp, illustrated £6.99
Beatrix Potter Letters copy of the four letters from the author of Peter Rabbit during her stay in Tenby; 16pp; illustrated; £1.50
Brief History of Tenby Harbour Arthur Stubbs – a walkway round the ancient harbour area of Tenby; 4pp; £1.00
Caldey: A Monastic Island John Beynon; the istory of the island of Caldey; 23pp; ISBN: 0 904696 36 7 £2.00
Edward J Head author; a biography of the artist E J Head, who taught a young Augustus John ISBN: 0 904696 08 1; £1.00
In Praise of Tenby Brian Price (trans); translation of the 9th century poem Etmic Dinbych; 4pp; £1.00
Pre-history of Caldey Island Deborah Wildgust; the early archaeology of Caldey Island; illustrated; 4pp; ISBN: 0 904696 31 6; £1.00
Robert Recorde Sue Baldwin; the life and works of the Tenby born mathematician, inventor of the equals sign; 14pp; illustrated; ISBN: 0 904696 32 4; £3.00
Shell Collection of Arthur Godwin Stubbs Mark Lewis; the life and work of local conchologist; 6pp; ISBN: 0 904696 10 3; £2.50
South Western Approaches John Tipton; air operations from Pembrokeshire in the world wars; 42pp; illustrated; £2.50
St Catherine’s Island Mark Lewis; history of the island and fort; illustrated; 7pp; ISBN: 0 904696 22 7; £2.50
The Story of Tenby Dr Margaret Davies; the history of Tenby; illustrated; 26pp; ISBN: 0 850886 71 6; £2.50
Tenby During World War II John Tipton; Tenby during the second world war; illustrated; 20pp; ISBN: 0 904696 03 0; £1.50
Tenby Local Museum John Beynon; the story of the development of the museum £1.00
The Ridsdale Geology Collection Mark Lewis; the man who collected the specimens; 4pp ISBN: 0 904696 14 6; £2.50
The World of Words Mark Lewis; some famous authors who have visited and written about Tenby £2.50
Tasteful Tenby Recipes served with bygone times; illustrated; ISBN: 0 904696 27 8; £4.50