Museum gallery refurbishment Day 9

Posted by Tenby Museum on Feb 25, 2016 Blog No Comments

So here we are.  The last day of the building work.  The walls are plastered, the woodwork finished, the window recesses complete, the floor washed and cleaned, the tools removed.  Gareth and Mark have done a great job and we can highly recommend their work.

So whats left now?  Well, we wait for the plaster to dry and then we crack on (no plaster pun intended) with the painting.  Three coats for the walls have been estimated so if we start that next Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the status of the plaster work, then that should be done by the end of next week/beginning of the following week.  And then we call back the electricians to reinstall the lights in the gallery and the work can begin on the exhibition.  Watch this space!!

The finishing touches and then done...ready for painting!

The finishing touches and then done…ready for painting!