Museum gallery refurbishment Day 2

Posted by Tenby Museum on Feb 10, 2016 Blog, News No Comments

Today sees true progress in the refurbishment of the gallery at the museum.  The ceiling was taken down yesterday and this morning the two workmen (Gareth and Mark of EDK Building Services, who are excellent) have taken out the shaky joists and are replacing them with brand spanking new joists ready for the ceiling to be insulated.  Yesterday was a day of preparation and now things are already taking shape!  Really looking forward to having flat walls for the new exhibition (despite its old world charm the old gallery with its bumpy surfaces and higgledy-piggledy corners used to drive me mad when it came to exhibition mounting!) – this is the last gallery that will need refurbishing for a while and it will be lovely to have all the galleries looking their finest!

New joists going in - yippee!

New joists going in – yippee!