Museum gallery refurbishment Day 14 – 15

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Saturday saw the start of the placing of the first exhibition to grace the newly refurbished gallery, Take Me Back To Dear Old Blighty: Tenby and World War One.

It was a busy day.  Cases were relocated and brought in from other spaces.  Boxes of display material, much of it borrowed for the Tin Shed in Laugharne, the rest from the museum’s own collection, were brought up to the space.  Floors were mopped and hoovered.  Panels were placed and by the end of the day all the cases were in the right place and the panels had been put up.  The section provided by Ysgol Greenhill School’s history class was also placed – a television running the students reactions to WWI (a young persons’s perspective on a war that would have had a profound effect on people their age a hundred years ago) and this adds a strong contemporary feel to the space.  Today and tomorrow I am hoping to finish laying out the material in the glass cases and get these labelled.

It is looking really good.  The gallery is no longer the Story of Tenby’s smaller, uglier sister; she can now stand proudly alongside in her own glamorous light.  Keep an eye out on this blog for the announcement of the full opening of the space (next few days, I am anticipating).

Getting there now....

Getting there now….