International artist donates work to the museum

Posted by Tenby Museum on Feb 10, 2015 News No Comments

German artist Robert Raschke, who has exhibited widely around the world including in galleries in Europe and America, recently donated a piece of work to Tenby Museum and Art Gallery.

Robert, known as robART, has a gallery in the seaside town where he lives with his partner, Helen.  He was invited by the museum to hold a show and following discussion with museum staff he decided he wanted to donate a work.

The piece, entitled Zeitfolge, Time sequence, is a bronze sculpture and stands 8 feet tall to its highest point.  It is one from a group of works known as “Schrimenen” or Schriftmenschen (literally “written language people”) and are formed from symbols previously used as methods of communication by early human cultures.  Robert has breathed life into these symbols, adding arms and legs and imbuing them with human characteristics.  They hold the pose of a dancer, expressing themselves through a movement whilst remaining grounded on their plinths.  Dance is one of the oldest forms of human expression, a means of communication, a sign of freedom, a showing of emotions in gesture.  The use of signs of communication and symbols of mixed cultures encourages a bringing together of divergent customs and thought into one all embracing whole.


Artist Robert Raschke with the sculpture he donated to the museum

Artist Robert Raschke with the sculpture he donated to the museum

The sculpture stands sentinel outside the museum, facing the broad expanse of the seas but turned significantly to the town, welcoming with open arms all who venture towards the museum, the local home of culture.  It seems to be beckoning you in to the museum whilst simultaneously celebrating in gesture, symbol and pose the cultures of the world.