I’ll keep this short – why not try a Haiku?

Posted by Tenby Museum on Mar 23, 2020 Blog No Comments

A haiku is a Japanese verse form of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. Today’s challenge is to write a haiku abut something around you, something you see or something that you are feeling. ¬†Although short it is a tricksy little verse form but here a few very amateur examples that I have put together to hopefully help you out:

Archaeology Haiku:

Confined to a case

Skulls empty eyes stare distant

To freedoms long past.

Nature Haiku:

Petals in laughter,

Open armed they dare to dream.

Dawn awakes singing.

Self-promotion Haiku! (apologies for this one!):

Totally magic-

Al, truly memorable

Tenby Museum.


Why not give it a go?  Send your haiku to the museum email for us to all enjoy and we will post some (with your permission of course) on our Facebook page.