At Tenby Museum and Art Gallery, the oldest independent museum in Wales, we are asking for your help to create online access to our fabulous collections for the visually impaired, via a project called HEAR TO SEE

Throughout the pandemic, while we’ve not been able to open Tenby Museum, we have posted on Facebook over 250 images and stories about objects in our collection. We have shared both local and nationally important items and the project is proving popular. Through audio description we now want to bring these to the visually impaired.

Brailled signboard (Sponsored by the RNIB)

A museum is essentially a visual experience, as is Facebook. By the addition of audio descriptions, suitably created for the visually impaired, we will be able to further share our work, hopefully inspire and encourage and allow us to connect more fully with the local community.

By creating audio descriptions we will be adding an extra dimension to the interpretation and understanding of the museum, its purpose in the community and the relevance of the collections to all the community.  Through learning and sharing we hope to come to understand better the issues of visual impairment and provide greater access to us and the story of Tenby.

Our Curator giving a talk to an Alzheimers Group

With the help of Aviva, we have started a Crowdfunding project – details are shown below.