At Tenby Museum and Art Gallery, the oldest independent museum in Wales, we recently began  creating online access to our fabulous collections for the visually impaired, via a project called HEAR TO SEE, using audio descriptive podcasts.

So far ten podcasts have been broadcast, with several more in the planning and development stages.

By creating these audio descriptions we have added an extra dimension to the interpretation and understanding of the museum, its purpose in the community and the relevance of the collections to all the community.  Through learning and sharing we hope to come to understand better the issues of visual impairment and provide greater access to us and the story of Tenby. This is the first step in providing additional resources to our visually impaired visitors.

The museum Curator contacted the RNIB with regards these podcasts and they are now being broadcast weekly on the RNIB Connect Radio.  The podcasts can be heard on the museum blog page or by following this link: