Hear To See – Help Our Crowdfunding Project

Posted by Tenby Museum on Feb 17, 2021 Blog No Comments

We are Tenby Museum and Art Gallery, the oldest independent museum in Wales, and we are asking for your help for us to create online access to our fabulous collections for the visually impaired, via a project called HEAR TO SEE.

Through this exciting and empowering project, the museum, an independent charity, whilst closed to the public,  aims to increase its facilities for blind and partially sighted visitors. We already provide help for these visitors with a Braille floor plan and large print guides, and we are working with “Vocal Eyes” to create an audio description of one of our objects, but we know we can do more.

With funding we will be able to offer facilities through a series of both online and in house provisions to make all visits (whether virtual or physical) a more rewarding and enlightening experience for the blind and partially sighted and contribute to wellbeing through culture.  In doing so we will open the doors of interaction to all visitors, fostering an environment of social inclusion.  There is a substantial proportion of the UK living with some form of sight loss with, as of 2017, 350,000 people on the register of blind and partially sighted, 174,000 registered with severe sight impairment and 177,000 registered as sight impaired.

So how will we do it?

These facilities would at first include a variety of downloadable descriptive podcasts where items are not only historically documented but also physically described to give a deeper sense of how the object looks and feels.  These objects will range through fine art, sculpture, natural history, archaeology and objects with social historical interest and are aimed to inspire interaction and conversation.  At a time when the museum doors are closed it is the ideal opportunity to increase access to the vast collections that we have

Every journey begins with the first step…..

This would be our first step towards providing an online visitor experience for the many suffering from sight issues and isolation and we have plans to improve the facilities within the museum once we are able to reopen again, including looking at Braille texts, large print labels, lighting and audio descriptions.

Our Curator has already had some experience of working with “Vocal Eyes” and also the RNIB on previous projects as well as researching the Facebook posts and recording podcasts so the experience is there.  We will seek advice from RNIB Cymru and PLANED (a charitable social enterprise and community lead partnership) with regards to hosting the podcasts to make them easily accessible for all.

This is our starting point in providing further facilities for the visually impaired and the money raised will help in getting the stories out there for all to enjoy.

For more information and how to donate please follow the link below, thank you: