Fascinating talk given at the museum

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Last Friday (5 May) saw a fascinating and well-attended talk given at Tenby Museum & Art Gallery by Chris Delaney on the subject of the U Boat war off the Welsh coast 1915 – 18.

Chris is currently involved in a project that seeks to provide a counterbalance to the terrestrial focus of the Western Front and many Home Front projects, to ensure that the maritime heritage and the contribution by the merchant navy are not forgotten. During WWI nearly 5,000 merchant ships were sunk by U boats and 12,000 allied merchant seamen lost their lives.

The talk detailed the number of wrecks from the Great War around the Welsh coast, all of which were casualties of U Boat action. Chris spoke of the project which includes a programme of marine geophysical surveys to record the lost ships and their crews. The project will work closely with the Centre of Applied Marine Sciences, School of Ocean Sciences, Bangor University to capture high0-resolution multi-beam data for around 30 of the project’s chosen study wrecks. The resulting images will be used in a variety of ways to increase awareness of the key role played by the merchant navy during WWI and the sacrifices that were made.

The next scheduled talk at Tenby Museum will be given on archaeology by Elizabeth Walker of the National Museums Wales.

Chris Delaney giving a fascinating talk on U Boats during WWI