Fascinating Talk by Mick Brown

Posted by Tenby Museum on Oct 23, 2018 Blog No Comments

Local naturalist Mick Brown gave a fascinating talk last Friday (19 October) at Tenby Museum entitled Birds of a Feather. The talk was a detailed examination about how birds’ feathers have evolved since the age of the dinosaurs and revealed a number of interest8ng snippets about our feathered friends.

Mick used his own images to illustrate various species of birds and their feathers, ranging from owls through to penguins, ravens and vultures. He also showed how feathers have been used over the years, from quills (the Latin for feather is ‘pen’) to Native American head dress and discussed their use as currency . Mick also explored the use of feathers in the textile industry and how birds were shot and killed for the plumage to adorn hats of society ladies. The RSPB grew from the mass slaughter of birds and feather costumes are now made in a ore humane manner.

If you didn’t like chickens then this was not the talk for you as Mick revealed that there are an estimated 20 billion chickens on the planet! He also talked at length about his favourite sea-bird, the gannet, as well as illustrating how the natural dynamics of birds inspired man’s desire for flight.

Mick is planning to give another talk at the museum shortly, on the life of the Polar Bear. Further details of this forthcoming event will be posted on the museum website and in this newspaper.