Fascinating Movie Talk

Posted by Tenby Museum on Jul 23, 2018 Blog No Comments

On Friday 20 July, Richard Rhys-Davies gave a fascinating talk on spy films at Tenby Museum and Art Gallery. He is acknowledged as one of the most authoritative writers on the subject matter.

Richard spoke about his childhood love of films that he used to watch at the Royal Playhouse Cinema in Tenby and over the years his passion for the genre was rekindled. This resulted in a vast amount of research and the publication in 2016 of the two-volume book The International Spy Film Guide 1945 – 1989, a colossus of a book with over 1100 pages. The book features spy films from every continent and of all political persuasions.

Richard gave an entertaining insight into the world of the spy film and how the world of the real spy differed so much from the glamour and excitement portrayed so often on screen. He gave fascinating insights into the genre and the research undertaken for the book should in his easy manner and wonderful recall of facts.

The museum is grateful to Richard for his generosity in giving this excellent talk that was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.  Keep an eye out for other great talks coming soon to the museum!