Fascinating Insight into World War One

Posted by Tenby Museum on Dec 1, 2018 Blog, Event Archive No Comments

As part of the museum’s on-going events programme and the WWI centenary commemorations, local historian David Llewellyn gave a fascinating talk last night (Friday 30 November) at Tenby Museum.

The talk, entitled The First World War: Challenging Popular Perceptions, gave both a general view of the conflict and put events often overlooked into an historical perspective. David illustrated that the conflict was not all “trenches and mud” as frequently portrayed and that all the main events did not take place on the Western Front in Belgium and France. He highlighted how Russia’s intervention in the Balkan War tipped the allied forces into the war against the Central Powers of German, Austro-Hungarian and Turkish armies.

David stated that the war was a global conflict that took in China, Japan, India and Africa and not just the well-known European battles. Indeed the biggest battle of the war took place in 1918 and is one of the least known battles of the conflict – Kasierschlacht, part of the German Spring Offensive, which tipped the war in favour of the allied forces, particularly with the increased involvement of American troops.

David’s talk concluded that many popular preconceptions about the war were indeed wrong or misinterpreted. He had numerous facts to back this up. The audience enjoyed the talk and engaged with the speaker and it is hoped that David will give further history-based talks at the museum in the future.

Local historian David Llewellyn