Fancy contributing to a painting project?

Posted by Tenby Museum on Jul 24, 2017 Blog No Comments

Ever fancied partaking in a contemporary artwork?  Local artist Alan Rees-Baynes is asking visitors to Tenby Museum to do just that, but to supply words for two paintings.

The viewer in art has always played an invisible role within the art world. Unless you are a critic, personal response is often kept personal, or to one’s self.  In these paintings you, the viewer, can respond in two words to a couple of famous and favourite paintings from the museum’s collection.  The first one hundred responses for each painting will then appear upon the finished works.  As a thank you all words will be put into two hats and two lucky visitors will win an original artwork based upon these paintings.

The chosen artists and works are Gwen John’s Landscape at Tenby with Figures and Edward Joseph Head’s The Domino Players.  Both paintings represent Tenby in different ways.  Gwen John’s view of Tenby encompasses the harbour as backdrop, a view that doesn’t seemed to have altered too much since it was painted in 1900.  Compared with the more intimate venue for Edward Joseph Head’s wood panelled scene with a view of St Catherine’s Island glimpsed through a window, with two fisherman enjoying a game of dominoes.

These paintings have been enjoyed time and again by visitors over the years, but here is your chance to give your response in the form of two words that will go towards two new works that will be shown later this year.  The artist Alan Rees-Baynes eagerly awaits your words to begin the artwork.

Artist Alan Rees Baynes’ new project at Tenby Museum

Landscape at Tenby with Figures by Gwen John

The Domino Players by EJ Head