Every Shell Tells a Story!

Posted by Tenby Museum on Sep 29, 2017 Blog, Event Archive No Comments

Every shell tells a story…that’s what we found out during Dr Graham Oliver’s talk on Wednesday.  Dr Oliver has been researching the wonderful collection of shells gifted to the museum by the daughters of William Lyons.  We’re researching his life in Tenby and finding that although he’s not much known in Tenby today he was an important man amongst shell collectors in the early nineteenth century.  Dr Oliver also talked about another renowned conchologist, John Adams, whose family lived at Holyland, Pembroke.  Far from being a backwater South Pembrokeshire was home to many well known and well respected natural historians.   Gentlemen and gentle ladies collected shells, some for scientific interest and some just for fun, and these collections today are an important window on the modern day.   By comparing the historic collections with what can be found on our beaches today we can see how climate and ecological developments have influenced the marine environment – the shells really do tell a story and one we need to listen to!   All this work has been made possible through a grant from the Royal Society as part of their Local Heroes scheme.  We hope to publish a book and have an exhibition in the future, so watch this space and see what tales we can tell.