D-Day: The View from Across the Channel

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Come and join Tenby Museum and Art Gallery on the 6thof June at 7pm for our talk with David Llewellyn.

75 years ago on 6thJune 1944 the fate of Western Europe hung of the events of a single day.

What happened that day defined the future of the world we live in today.

In the most complex military operation ever staged the Allied forces had just one chance to get things right.  The consequences of failure were unthinkable.

This talk put D-Day into context and provides a detailed account of the events of the day as we travel through it by the hour and learn how the day unfolded.

The story itself is generally quite well known. However, this talk takes a slightly different perspective and focuses more on events as seen by those opposing the landings which is far less known.

Throughout the talk we learn about a truly amazing series of events that were key to the success or failure of the operation including perhaps the best and the worst ever weather forecasts in history, the most awful birthday present, possibly the worst ever traffic jam, a great night out in Paris and a terrible breakfast at Hitler’s.

We learn about a fascinating cast of characters including a missing Field Marshall, a Baron without a phone, coup plotters, the French resistance, reluctant Russians, a Latin American actress and of course the SAS.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction so come along and join us and perhaps learn more about the pivotal world event that was D-Day and see it as you’ve never done before.

Tickets are £5 (£4 to the friends of Tenby Museum members) For more details or to book tickets please phone 01834 842809 or pay online via Facebook/Eventbrite.
Seating is on a first come first serve basis. Please allow yourself enough time and arrive 15 minutes prior to the talks start time. It is advisable to book asap for this talk to avoid disappointment.