Crying in the Rain? Who’s crying?

Posted by Tenby Museum on Aug 25, 2015 Blog, News No Comments

When Bob Dylan sang back in 1962  that a hard rain’s a gonna fall, I don’t think he actually had a summer in Tenby in mind.  Genius he may well be, but prescient meteorologist I do not think the Zimmerman is.  However a hard rain has certainly fallen these past few months of summer (unless I Rip van Winkle’d my way through an entire season and woke up in late autumn/early winter).  Still, the wet weather does not seem to have dampened the spirits of any of our visitors to the museum who have all thoroughly enjoyed the numerous activities on offer that await them within.  Eager and excited children have enjoyed the many quizzes and trails, children and adults alike have worn hats of many styles, ranging from pith helmets through to a battered fez and many have posted on our twitter page the selfies that they have been encouraged to take in the art gallery.  Others have enjoyed the art shows, the Story of Tenby, the prehistory, the quirky corners of piracy and curiosity.  Our visitors book abounds with enjoyment that the weather cannot staunch, with comments recording “Lovely little gem in a lovely town”, “Lovely and lots of fun for kids”, “100% interesting”, “Brilliant! Loads for a 1, 2 & 5 years old to do” through to the plain, simple and effective “”Awesome!”.  The museum’s TripAdvisor page is similarly adorned with enthusiasm, with our latest post saying “I would honestly say this is the best museum I have visited, and it was totally engaging for all the family.”   The point of this blog is not to pat ourselves on the back but merely to salute the indomitable spirit of the visitors to our rain swept town and say thank you for your visit, we are so glad that you enjoyed it, please do come back and your comments really do mean a lot.