Review of Phil Okwedy’s book launch

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Phil Okwedy and Peter Stevenson Tenby Museum, 24thNovember 2018     On Saturday Phil Okwedy entertained visitors to the museum with tales from his book “Wil and the Welsh Black cattle” – wonderful tales of family feuds, murderous actions, magic and romance, set in West Wales.   Phil described how he found that stories, particularly folk […]

Tenby ‘Kids in Museums’ Take over day

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On Friday 23 November, children and young people will be taking over museums and heritage sites across the country, from Tyneside to Torquay. One of the new Volunteers at Tenby museum & Art Gallery is Tia. She is a local College student from Pembrokeshire College, who has given her time and putting the knowledge of […]

William Lyons – our local hero

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A Local Hero It’s easy to forget that Tenby was an important spot for many notable people in the early nineteenth century. Many have blue plaques around the town dedicated to their memory but one man who has been so far overlooked is William Lyons, who died in Tenby in 1849. If you look carefully […]

Knapp-Fisher: A Family In Art

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The most recent art exhibition at Tenby Museum & Art Gallery is Knapp-Fisher: A Family In Art. This is a family tribute show to celebrate the creative life of John Knapp-Fisher and his family and is a celebration across generations. Included in the show will be a selection of paintings from John Knapp-Fisher – some […]

Museum gallery refurbishment Day 5

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So the weekend is over and work has once again commenced on refurbishing the gallery.  And progress is very good.  The team are concentrating harder than Dan Biggar before a conversion to get the plaster boarding finished and by the time these photos were taken (2.30pm) most of the ceiling and nearly all of the […]

Welsh Liberal Democrat Alistair Cameron adds his support to the museum cause

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The museum was visited today by Alistair Cameron of the Welsh Liberal Democrats to add his support to the museum’s cause. Mr Cameron had read of the museum’s financial problems in the presses and made a surprise visit to show solidarity with his local museum. Whilst here he chatted with staff to get a first […]

Museum gallery refurbishment Day 4

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Okay.  All good stuff again today and lots more progress.  All the batons are attached to the walls and all of the insulation in the ceiling is in place.  Work has now begun on putting in the dry-lining boards in preparation for the plastering.  I would estimate that just under one-quarter of the room has […]

Museum gallery refurbishment Day 3

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Real progress now, and starting to take shape.  Today they are putting in the insulation and so not only will it be a new whizz bang all singing ‘n’ dancing gallery but will also feel a bit warmer and allow the visitor to enjoy the time in more comfort it will take learning about WWI. […]

Museum gallery refurbishment Day 2

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Today sees true progress in the refurbishment of the gallery at the museum.  The ceiling was taken down yesterday and this morning the two workmen (Gareth and Mark of EDK Building Services, who are excellent) have taken out the shaky joists and are replacing them with brand spanking new joists ready for the ceiling to […]

Four great talks

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We’ve organised four great talks for 2016 – and maybe more will follow, but book early as they are always popular. Friday 13th May “Plant Folklore and Foraging” by Vicky Tomlinson, member of South and West Wales Wildlife Trust Thursday 30th June “Roald Dahl” by Graham Laurie Friday 29th July, “Women and the First World […]