Dorothy Morse Brown remembered

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As part of the 70th Anniversary of the founding of Tenby Arts Club, Tenby Museum has put on a small display of work by Dorothy Morse Brown. Dorothy Morse Brown (nee Dorothy Leader Guy) was born on 17 November 1900 in Bristol. From the age of 10 she attended Hampton House School, a private girl’s […]

In two words what does this painting make you think of?

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That is the question posed by local artist Alan Rees-Baynes to visitors to this museum a few months ago. Two paintings were selected and underneath each painting was a shelf which asked that question. Each two word response was numbered and then the visitor would place their words into a frame with an envelope slot. […]

Tenby Craft and Vintage Fayre

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Saturday 14 October sees the annual Tenby Craft and Vintage Fayre, organised by the Friends of Tenby Museum. The fair includes beautiful crafted gifts and quirky vintage treasures.  There will be 25 varied and colourful stalls. The event takes place at the De Valence Pavilion, between 10am and 4pm.  Entry to the event is free. […]

The Shed Project at Tenby Museum

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 On 1st January 2013, art teacher and illustrator Lee John Phillips set himself the task to produce a drawing a day in the same sketchbook for an entire year. With discipline and diligence he continued this practise and tools became the focus of his studies that September. During a 6th Form drawing exercise, Lee realised […]

Tenby Museum’s Sculpture Park

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Three sculptures by Darren Yeadon have recently been installed on the entrance path to the museum.  These Weirdstones are made from Whitby sandstone with a marble base.  The tallest stands at 62 inches (158 cm) whilst a fourth smaller sculpture, placed in the Wilfred Harrison art gallery, is a mere 42 inches (107 cm). The […]

Book of the Month – A Pictorial Atlas of Fossil Remains

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October’s book of the month from the museum research library is Dr G.A. Mantell’s A Pictorial Atlas of Fossil Remains, published in 1850, complete with various coloured illustrations. Gideon Algernon Mantell lived in Lewes in East Sussex, where he practiced as a doctor, specialising in obstetrics. He also dedicated himself to geology (he was Vice […]

Every Shell Tells a Story!

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Every shell tells a story…that’s what we found out during Dr Graham Oliver’s talk on Wednesday.  Dr Oliver has been researching the wonderful collection of shells gifted to the museum by the daughters of William Lyons.  We’re researching his life in Tenby and finding that although he’s not much known in Tenby today he was […]

In Memory of Aneurin Jones

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The recent exhibition of Aneurin and Meirion Jones’ work at Tenby Museum truly showed that Aneurin was one of the most important and vibrant Welsh artists of our time. His subtle commentary on the passing of the rural life of his beloved country produced some truly wonderful and vivid works and kept at the forefront […]

Wales’ Children’s Poet Laureate provides workshop

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On Tuesday 19 September the museum was fortunate to have Wales’ Children’s Poet Laureate, Casia Wiliam, give a poetry workshop based on the Year of Legends to two groups of children from Tenby’s Welsh School, Ysgol Hafan y Mor. The event was funded by Literature Wales and the Bardd Plant Cymru project.  Dasia took the […]

Museum outing to Hoyle’s Mouth Cave

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This morning six members of staff and volunteers from the museum enjoyed an informative archaeological trip out to Hoyle’s Mouth Cave. Humans occupied Hoyle’s Mouth on two separate occasions, at about 30,000 and 10,000 BC.  In Palaeolithic times the Ritec Valley was bleak tundra populated with animals.  Excavated bones included reindeer, mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, hyena, […]