WWI Talk by David Llewelyn

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On Friday 30 November local historian David Llewelyn will be giving a talk at Tenby Museum as part of the First World War Centenary. The talk is entitled ‘The First World War – Challenging Popular Perceptions.” David says about the talk, “As a nation and society we view the war through the prism of art, literature, television, […]

Fascinating Talk by Mick Brown

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Local naturalist Mick Brown gave a fascinating talk last Friday (19 October) at Tenby Museum entitled Birds of a Feather. The talk was a detailed examination about how birds’ feathers have evolved since the age of the dinosaurs and revealed a number of interest8ng snippets about our feathered friends. Mick used his own images to […]

Birds of a Feather – A Talk by Mick Brown

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Join local ornithologist Mick Brown on Friday, October 19th at 7 p.m. for his presentation Birds of Feather. Using his own photographs, Mick will take a detailed look at birds and the evolution of their feathers –  the many different types, their various uses through time as ceremonial artefacts, fashion objects, and even as a […]

Book of the Month – The People’s Album of London Statues

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THE PEOPLE’S ALBUM OF LONDON STATUES Described by Osbert Sitwell Drawn by Nina Hamnett In explanation of the somewhat unusual subject for this book, the author states in the foreword that “translated into the medium of drawing, many of these statues manifest a charm that has been overlooked, and he who came to scoff may […]

Spectacular opening for the Nicky Wire art exhibition

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Last night at Tenby Museum, resistance was futile. The new exhibition by Manic Street Preacher lyricist and bass player Nicky Wire opened to an awestruck crowd.  The exhibition is the first ever solo art show by Nicky and features over thirty of his art works that incorporates his beloved Polaroid pictures, paint, the written word […]

Solo Exhibition by Nicky Wire

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Tenby Museum will be the site of the first ever solo art exhibition by Welsh music legend Nicky Wire, bassist and lyricist with the Manic Street Preachers.  Nicky, a regular visitor to Tenby, accepted the invitation for museum curator Mark Lewis and his exhibition, Paintings and Polaroids, will open to the public on Saturday 15th […]

Maritime donation to Tenby Museum & Art Gallery

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Recently Tenby Museum & Art Gallery was fortunate to receive a kind donation of the gangway ship’s crest from HMS Tenby. David Macalister, Secretary of the HMS Tenby Association, signed over the item to Mark Lewis, Curator at Tenby Museum. HMS Tenby Association currently consists of 60 members, 5 of whom are widows, and seven […]

Fascinating Talk given by Mick Brown

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As part of Tenby Museum and Art Gallery’s commitment to present high quality events for all, local naturalist and seabird specialist Mick Brown gave a fascinating insight into the life of the gannet at the museum last Friday (17 August). Mick related that there had been little published material on seabirds until Ronald Lockley’s 1954 […]

Drawn Together Wales

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On the morning of Wednesday 8 August, why not come along to Tenby Museum and be a part of Wales’ largest community drawing project, Drawn Together/Creu Ar Y Cyd. Drawn Together encourages everyone to pick up sketch book and pencil and make your mark on the artistic map of Wales, encouraging you to look at […]

Book of the Month – Roscoe’s Wanderings

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This month’s Book of the Month blog features a book that speaks to my wanderlust and desire to get away! Roscoe’s Wanderings in South Wales by Thomas Roscoe Esq. Published in 1837  Volume Two of a two volume set covering North (Vol I) & South Wales (Vol II). The volumes are a descriptive travelogue and […]