Workshop at the VC Gallery

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Yesterday (Wednesday 12 June) Curator Mark Lewis and Events Co-ordinator Chloe Ashton-Milton from Tenby Museum held a workshop at the VC Gallery in Haverfordwest, based around four works of art in different styles. The pictures were The Bride & Groom by John Uzzell Edwards, Flamenco by Olivia Argent, Self Portrait buy Augustus John and an […]

D-Day at Tenby Museum

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To pay tribute to the 75th anniversary on the 6th of June known as D-Day, Tenby Museum and Art Gallery hosted a talk by David Llewellyn, ‘The View From Across the Channel’. David has had a passion for history for as long as he can remember with a particular focus on both military and local […]

75th Anniversary of D-Day Exhibition opens

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The new exhibition at the museum, This Great and Noble Undertaking: the 75th Anniversary of D-Day is now officially open. The exhibition traces details of this historic day as well as looking at more specific areas such as photographers (James Mapham and Robert Capa), GI’s in Tenby, Exercise Jantzen, the weather and the 28th Division.  There […]

Beneath Our Feet

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A new display of medieval archaeology all fund beneath the ground across Pembrokeshire, has gone on display at Tenby Museum. Beneath Our Feet is part of the Saving Treasures: Telling Stories project and working in conjunction with this initiative, is a joint venture between Tenby and Narberth Museums as part of the Pembrokeshire Museum’s Association. […]

The Charles Darwin Letters

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In August 1840 Charles Darwin replied to a letter from Reverend Gilbert Smith, Rector of Gumfreston and an avid amateur geologist and archaeologist. Smith had written to Darwin concerning the matter of skeletal remains of animals found on Caldey Island. At this time Darwin had conceived his idea of natural selection but did not release […]

D-Day: The View from Across the Channel

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Come and join Tenby Museum and Art Gallery on the 6thof June at 7pm for our talk with David Llewellyn. 75 years ago on 6thJune 1944 the fate of Western Europe hung of the events of a single day. What happened that day defined the future of the world we live in today. In the […]

Anna Warchus Exhibition –Transitions

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Tenby Museum and Art Gallery will be opening a new exhibition on the 24thof May. This will feature the works of Anna Warchus and her exhibition ‘Transitions”. Anna has submitted work previously for the ‘Friends of the Museums’ auctions but this will be her first exhibition in Tenby Museum. Anna studied ceramics at Wolverhampton Polytechnic […]

Success for ‘The Night at Tenby Museum’

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Family’s arrived at Tenby museum to witness what happens when the doors close for the night. The museum reopened to the public at 6pm to share the stories from some of Tenby’s most well known characters. The evening started off with Tenby’s museums forgetful tour guide, so forgetful in fact the children had to rename […]

Easter Bunny Visits Tenby on Castle hill

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Last Friday (19th April) Rascal the Easter Bunny came to visit Tenby. Tenby Museum and art Gallery arranged for the children and families enjoying their Easter holidays to come and meet Rascal. It was a beautiful sunny spring afternoon which made it great fun for all. Families frolicked in the sun to the bunny dance. […]

Volunteer Presentation means a later opening time on 29 April

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Due to a volunteer presentation and training event, the museum will be opening one hour later than normal on Monday 29 April.  We shall however be open as usual from 11am and we hope to see you there with fresh smiles on our faces and encouraging banter!  If you read this blog please do let […]