Rascal the Easter Bunny

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Hippity Hoppity Hop!!! Rascal is back to Bop! Come and meet Rascal the Easter Bunny on the 19th of April at 3.30pm. Meet at Tenby Museum and follow Rascal up Castle hill to Celebrate spring with the real Easter Bunny. 30 minutes of fun and laughter; -Meet, greet and introduce -Bunny hopping race -Bunny dance […]

A Tragedy at Loveston

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As part of its regular series of talks about local history and natural events Tenby Museum and Art Gallery welcomed David Llewellyn, archivist with a keen interest in the local mining history, to give a talk on Loveston Colliery disaster. The event was extremely well attended and took place on the 15th of March. Many […]

A Tragedy at Loveston: Fascinating talk by David Llewellyn

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As part of its continuing series of talks on local history, Tenby Museum once again welcomed David Llewellyn, an archivist with a keen interest in the history of local mining, to give a talk on the Loveston Colliery disaster of 1936. Many knew of the tragic events that took place at Landshipping in 1844 but […]

100% Tenby

The current exhibition at Tenby Museum and Art Gallery, rightly entitled “100% Tenby” is a little different from usual. It is, said Trustee Kathy Talbot, a ‘cornucopia of Tenby’ – Jan Regmortel who has a great love of Tenby and lived here as a child, has, over 25 years, collected paintings of Tenby and has […]