“The common cormorant…on St Margaret’s Island”

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The common cormorant (or shag) Lays eggs inside a paper bag, You follow the idea, no doubt? It’s to keep the lightning out…. But what these unobservant birds Have never thought of, is that herds Of wandering bears might come with buns And steal the bags to hold the crumbs. so wrote Christopher Isherwood but […]

Big Fun at drawing event

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Yesterday morning (Thursday 26 October) saw a lot of fun had at a drawing event at the museum, lead by artist Olivia Argent.  It was unfortunate that more people did not attend but those who did had a thoroughly great time and lots of imagination was put into action. Olivia started the event by pouring inks […]

MODES Complete

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The museum was the recent recipient of a grant from the Welsh Federation of Museums and Galleries to update their computerised documentation programme from Modes for Windows to MODES Complete, including associated hardware. Since its creation in 1987 MODES has become the most popular collections software in UK museums.  It has been developed over the […]

Another innovative project at Tenby Museum

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A new tactile board for the visually impaired was recently installed outside Tenby Museum.  This was provided by the RNIB and includes a floor plan of the building as well as tactile details and bilingual and Braille texts.  The project was funded by MALD, the timber for the framework was provided by Talbot Timbers and […]

William Lyons, Local Hero

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It’s easy to forget that Tenby was an important spot for many notable people in the early nineteenth century. Many have blue plaques around the town dedicated to their memory but one man who has been so far overlooked is William Lyons, who died in Tenby in 1849. If you look carefully at the bottom […]

Dorothy Morse Brown remembered

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As part of the 70th Anniversary of the founding of Tenby Arts Club, Tenby Museum has put on a small display of work by Dorothy Morse Brown. Dorothy Morse Brown (nee Dorothy Leader Guy) was born on 17 November 1900 in Bristol. From the age of 10 she attended Hampton House School, a private girl’s […]

In two words what does this painting make you think of?

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That is the question posed by local artist Alan Rees-Baynes to visitors to this museum a few months ago. Two paintings were selected and underneath each painting was a shelf which asked that question. Each two word response was numbered and then the visitor would place their words into a frame with an envelope slot. […]

Tenby Craft and Vintage Fayre

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Saturday 14 October sees the annual Tenby Craft and Vintage Fayre, organised by the Friends of Tenby Museum. The fair includes beautiful crafted gifts and quirky vintage treasures.  There will be 25 varied and colourful stalls. The event takes place at the De Valence Pavilion, between 10am and 4pm.  Entry to the event is free. […]

The Shed Project at Tenby Museum

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 On 1st January 2013, art teacher and illustrator Lee John Phillips set himself the task to produce a drawing a day in the same sketchbook for an entire year. With discipline and diligence he continued this practise and tools became the focus of his studies that September. During a 6th Form drawing exercise, Lee realised […]

Tenby Museum’s Sculpture Park

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Three sculptures by Darren Yeadon have recently been installed on the entrance path to the museum.  These Weirdstones are made from Whitby sandstone with a marble base.  The tallest stands at 62 inches (158 cm) whilst a fourth smaller sculpture, placed in the Wilfred Harrison art gallery, is a mere 42 inches (107 cm). The […]