Ushabti re-visits St Catherine’s Island

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Last week an Ancient Egyptian ushabti from the museum’s collection made its first visit back to ST Catherine’s Island where it had been found in the 1860s during the digging of the fort’s foundations.  An ushabti is a funerary figurine which would have been placed in a tomb,  Hundreds of such objects were placed in […]

Tenby Museum Beach Clean

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On Tuesday 25 July a beach clean took place on Freshwater West.  The event was instigated by Tenby Museum and arranged and lead by The Darwin Centre.  Members form the VC Gallery in Haverfordwest and Tenby Youth Club also took part.  The beach clean was the second stage of the previous graffiti project that had […]

Fancy contributing to a painting project?

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Ever fancied partaking in a contemporary artwork?  Local artist Alan Rees-Baynes is asking visitors to Tenby Museum to do just that, but to supply words for two paintings. The viewer in art has always played an invisible role within the art world. Unless you are a critic, personal response is often kept personal, or to […]

Charging for Museums. ‘Twas ever thus!

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“Government Review of Museum Economies”, not a newspaper headline from 2017 but one from 1952*!  The Government needed to save £30,000 on the maintenance of museums and art galleries – already there were closures on certain days of the week, the Public Record Office had had to close, Osterley Park had closed its doors and […]

The Fifth Notebook of Dylan Thomas

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Following last Friday’s superb talk by Dr Elizabeth Walker of the National Museums Wales, the next talk scheduled to take place at Tenby Museum & Art Gallery is The Fifth Notebook of Dylan Thomas by Adrian Osbourne. Adrian is an English Literature PhD student at Swansea University who is studying the fifth notebook of Dylan. […]

Excellent Talk by Dr Elizabeth Walker

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Last Friday (14 July) saw Dr Elizabeth Walker, Specialist Curator for Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Archaeology at National Museums Wales, give a fascinating and extremely well-attended talk at the museum. The talk was entitled The First Visitors to Tenby: Evidence for the Early Prehistoric Use of Caves.” The fully illustrated talk explored both the neanderthal and humanoid occupation […]

A Walk on the Beach

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We all love to walk on the beach…getting sand between our toes…William Lyons in the early 19th Century didn’t just take a walk on a beach, he collected and amassed a seminal shell collection which his daughter donated to Tenby Museum and Art Gallery in 1878.  To celebrate this Local Hero and thanks to the […]

New Exhibition by Aneurin and Meirion Jones opens

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The new exhibition, New Paintings by father and son artists Aneurin and Meirion Jones was officially opened at Tenby Museum and Art Gallery on Friday 30 June. The exhibition was opened by Alun Ifans, former Head Teacher at Ysgol Casmael in Puncheston, where he established an ‘Oriel’ within the school with a wide collection of […]

Book of the Month – John Speed

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As part of a new series of blogs, entitled Book of the Month, the first book to be scrutinised from the museum’s substantial research library is John Speed’s The Historie of Greate Britaine Under the Conquests of the Romans, Saxons, Danes and Normans. The museum’s copy is the second edition of the book, printed in […]